7 signs of dry hair and 10 ways to fix it

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Hair Care

Signs your hair might be dry;

  1. Lacks shine
  2. Feels rough
  3. Looks swollen/thicker
  4. Split ends
  5. Colour fades quickly
  6. Doesn’t grow (or appears not to grow)
  7. Breakage

If you’ve noticed ANY of these signs your hair is almost certainly dry and damaged. Identifying why your hair is dry will be the key to solving the problem and it’s most likely a combination of things so here is my list of common causes and their ‘fix’;

Hot water when shampooing 1 Use cold or lukewarm water
Heat styling 2 Allow hair to air dry
Brushing too much 3 Only brush hair when absolutely necessary
Chemical applications (colour, bleach, perm, straightening) 4 Avoid these as much as possible or talk to your hairdresser about ways to protect hair from damage
Swimming 5 Chlorine and saltwater are terrible for hair, keep your head out of the water or use a product like Angel Magic Moisture BEFORE swimming
Air Conditioning 6 Apply a daily moisturiser (Angel Magic Moisture) before spending more than half an hour in air conditioning
UV/sunlight 7 Being outdoors dries hair out quickly, apply a UV protector like Angel Magic Moisture before going outdoors. If you need a sunscreen you need Angel Magic in your hair!
Diet 8 If your diet is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair your hair won’t have the best start and will dry out and damage easily. Consider including foods that have essential fatty acids in your diet or take vitamins that are specifically for hair/skin/nails.
Shampooing too frequently 9 Avoid shampooing every day, if possible every 3-4 days is best
Not using the right conditioner/treatment 10 Make sure you’re using products that close the cuticle (surface of the hair). If your hair feels rough then most likely you need something more intense.

Sara x

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