ANZAC DAY care packages for deployed troops

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Update 5/4/2019



We are not associated with the Defence Force in any way and can not answer questions about sending these packages!!

As much as we would love to help you we simply make hair products and encourage you to do something nice for our deployed troops. Ask us anything about hair and we’ll have the answers!!


UPDATE 27/3/2019

I’ve had lots of people asking me if we are going to run our Anzac Day Care Package promo again so I thought I would give you an update.

I had every intention of running this promo at Christmas time and again this Anzac Day however the defence force website advises that their preference is for emails to be sent to deployed staff instead (refer ) and that care packages be given to local charities as an alternative.

I am still a big believer in sending these care packages to our troops but I felt that to promote it widely was not in the best interests of the intended recipients as many packages last year were delayed due to the high influx that just couldn’t be handled by the defence force mailing system.

If you would like to send a care package I still encourage you to do so and will happily support you with discounted travel size products as I have previously done, please just get in touch with me directly to organise or discuss it with your local stockist.

Note to stockists: I am happy to support you with discounts for any items being purchased for the troops please just get in touch with me.

Sara x


I want to help you send a care package to our deployed Defence Force troops for Anzac Day.

Last year I became aware of a great cause that organises to send care packages to Australian Defence Force troops that are currently deployed and this year I have decided to help anyone that would like to be involved. Our troops are often away from home for long periods of time and sending them a small parcel is a great way to show our appreciation. Sending them a gorgeous ME&MY shampoo/conditioner set along with other items (see the suggestion list below) would certainly give them a lovely surprise and much enjoyment and so I would like to support you in creating your very own care packages.

Simply purchase your Damage Reversal Cleanser + Conditioner 50ml DUO from our stockists that are participating (or online if there isn’t a stockist near you), seal it and add it to your other items in the box. Take it to any Australia Post outlet, with all the details below, which we found on the Veterans 360 Australia facebook page (posted on 12 March 2018):

Send a package to our deployed troops for ANZAC Day! ***FREE POSTAGE***

Care packages can be sent free of charge to our deployed troops, so long as they strictly comply with Australia Post guidelines.

All Australia Post outlets will accept the packages and can be addressed to:

An Australian Defence Member

ANZAC Day Mail
NSW 2890

The package must be less than 2kg and no larger than a “BX2” box (310 x 225 x 102 mm), available at Australia Post stores for only $2.00

Packages can be sent to either male or female personnel and must be posted by 13 April 2018.

You will also be required to fill out some Customs forms and it is suggested that you use a liberal amount of packing tape to ensure that all of the contents arrive at their destination.

To send a care package to an Australian Defence Member (you can specify a soldier, sailor, airman or airwoman).  Address the package to the following if you wish to send a specific package to a female – ‘An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Airwoman – Female’)

What can be included in Care Packages? Be creative with donations while being mindful of Australia Post’s guidelines for the free delivery of care packages. Some suggestions are listed below, as are the general restrictions:

o Deodorant (non aerosol)
o Shaving cream (non aerosol)
o Small bottle of talcum powder
o Disposable razors (from Brother Shave)
o Shower Gel
o Lip Balm

o Instant Noodles
o Biscuits
o Lollies
o Small tinned consumables
o Non-perishable foods
o Tim Tams

Other ideas:
o Magazines – from Vogue to Men’s Health
o Puzzle books
o DVDs
o Socks
o Letters of support
o Self addressed envelopes – this way soldiers can thank you for the donation

What NOT to include:
o Pornographic material
o Alcoholic Beverages
o Clothing
o Pork products
o Cigarettes

Working dogs CANNOT receive packages and nothing sent for them will be delivered.

Please consider sending a Matilda Poppy for them to wear this ANZAC Day.


Sara x

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