Beard care for the lazy man

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Hair Care

So…..apparently as much as I would like it to, the whole beard trend for our guys isn’t going away any time soon so I’ve decided to give your guy a few tips on looking after it the lazy way!

Guys, if you’re in a relationship with a ME&MY lover you’re in luck because you get to use their products and never tell them! Easy as and ideal for the lazy man! They may wonder why they’re using them faster than usual but I figure it’s a win-win, they get to shop more and you get more kisses because your beard is now a little more inviting ;).

If you’re single and not already a ME&MY user you can still be lazy but it will require a little more effort – like buying the right products next time you’re at the salon.

Here are my tips for a better beard:

  1. Shampoo it – don’t use soap! (Yes you read that right, it’s just like the hair on your head so lather up the right way). Damage Reversal Cleanser will work best.
  2. Towel dry and apply roughly a 5c piece amount of Angel Magic Moisture (that’s the bottle that looks like this). If you’re beard is particularly full and luscious you’ll need slightly more product. memy-silky-soul-angel-magic-moisture-300ml
  3. Run a comb through it and if you’re really lazy that’s all you have to do. If you’re a little more motivated give it a quick blow dry and you’re done.
  4. Be sure to get regular trims and tidy ups and you’ll be in beard heaven!

Sara x

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