How violet based hair products work – including ME&MY Blondes & All Shampoo & Conditioner

Blondes & All Shampoo & Conditioner are violet based products that have been created to tone/neutralise gold/yellow/brassy/warm reflects on Blonde/Grey/White/Warm Brunette hair types. What does that mean in everyday language? Basically it means if you have hair that is yellow/orange/copper in appearance and you want it to look more natural, neutral or cool (cool tones are usually blue/green/violet) the Blondes … Read More

Breast check + treatment day initiative

As we have a very high number of women that purchase our products ME&MY has decided to start the Breast Check + Treatment Day Initiative. Whilst men can and do get breast cancer we believe that as a company with a predominantly female clientele that it’s important for us to reinforce the message about early detection of breast cancer for … Read More

volumising system: how it works and what you should feel

Our ME&MY Extravagance Volumising System (Shampoo & Conditioner) are a fabulous team designed to create volume on fine and fine-medium hair types whilst still leaving hair conditioned and soft. It’s important to understand what you actually want from your hair products. I often hear from people with fine hair that they want to shampoo less but also want their hair … Read More

Key Ingredients

As a passionate creator of gorgeous hair care products I have spent years researching various ingredients that would work in the ME&MY range and with over 20 years in the hair industry I wanted ingredients that did what I knew your hair needed. Our key ingredients are intrinsic to how the products work and I’d love to share with you … Read More

10 reasons to love, love, love, “ME&MY”

The ME&MY concept was to create beautiful products at affordable prices. As a mum of 2 I had been working for major brands and never really creating what I wanted to put on my bathroom shelf. So I took a leap of faith and stepped off the edge into the world of being a business owner. During the growth of … Read More

Common Hair Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making!

  Incorrectly shampooing. Easy fix: to correctly cleanse your scalp shampoo at least twice and focus on making sure the scalp is clean. Blondes overloading on toning product. Easy fix: Every 4 or 5 shampoos use a shampoo with no colour pigments. Not using daily sun protection. Easy fix: Use a daily UV protector (like Angel Magic Moisture) to prevent … Read More