Common Hair Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making!


  1. Incorrectly shampooing.
    Easy fix: to correctly cleanse your scalp shampoo at least twice and focus on making sure the scalp is clean.
  2. Blondes overloading on toning product.
    Easy fix: Every 4 or 5 shampoos use a shampoo with no colour pigments.
  3. Not using daily sun protection.
    Easy fix: Use a daily UV protector (like Angel Magic Moisture) to prevent hair becoming rough, dry and faded.
  4. Expecting your shampoo and conditioner to do it all.
    Easy fix: Be sure to use a system of products, including our quick fix instant Power Shot Energy Treatment for best results.
  5. Poor diet.
    Easy fix: Eat a balanced diet. Anything that goes into your body shows up in your hair. A healthy diet = healthier hair.
  6. Heat styling with no protection.
    Easy fix: Before heat styling apply a heat protector such as BB Foam (with light hold) or Angel Magic Moisture (no hold).
  7. Swimming in salt or chlorinated water with no protection for hair.
    Easy fix: Before swimming apply Angel Magic Moisture to hair. After swimming, if possible, shampoo and apply a treatment.
  8. Hair bands with metal connections.
    Easy fix: Use cloth or special rubber hair bands that don’t have metal on them and be sure to unwind your hair band to remove it – DON’T drag the hair band down your hair or this will cause breakage.
  9. Wet combing.
    If you must comb/brush your hair when wet use a wide tooth comb only and apply Angel Magic Moisture beforehand, this will increase the elasticity and help prevent split ends.
  10. Putting hair up when wet.
    This isn’t ideal for a healthy scalp so try not to put your hair up in ponytails or buns when still wet.

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