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by | Sep 17, 2018 | Hair Care

One of the latest trends in hair fashion is ‘glass hair’. A quick search on Instagram will show you it’s all about shiny, glossy locks. Quick heads up – blondes, highly damaged and extremely curly hair will struggle to achieve this look and I’ll explain why further on in the blog but don’t despair if that’s you, having a few ME&MY weapons at the ready will help. For the quick how-to with ME&MY follow my step by step guide:

  1. Use a moisture based shampoo (like any of the ME&MY cleanser/shampoo’s)
  2. Add a small amount of KISSSS Controlling Gloss to your ME&MY conditioner/treatment, apply and rinse as usual (for best results I suggest KISSSS with Coco Fusion).
  3. Apply Angel Magic Moisture to damp hair. Blow dry or better yet, if you have the time, allow hair to dry naturally.
  4. Straighten in very fine sections to ensure an extremely smooth, sleek finish.
  5. Apply KISSSS Controlling Gloss to dry hair (fine hair types can skip this step OR step 2).


Not able to achieve this look and unsure why? Glass hair is about having a super sleek, smooth, glossy finish. That means that the surface of the hair must be EXTREMELY smooth (like glass) in order to reflect the light to this level.

The surface of the hair is what we call the ‘cuticle’ and when magnified is actually a bit like fish scales which can lift/open and make hair dry, rough and dull. Good hair products will help close the cuticle to result in a smooth finish that encourages light to reflect.

This is difficult for highly damaged hair as it is more of a challenge to close the cuticle when extreme damage has occurred. For curly hair the hair’s natural texture tends towards a more ‘wiry’ texture and can be difficult to smooth enough to get this amount of shine. Blondes are always difficult to see a high shine due to the lack of colour pigment for light to reflect off.

Make sure you tag us in your #glasshair pics @memyhair I’d love to see how you go.


Sara x

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