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by | Oct 25, 2016 | Hair Care

As a passionate creator of gorgeous hair care products I have spent years researching various ingredients that would work in the ME&MY range and with over 20 years in the hair industry I wanted ingredients that did what I knew your hair needed.
Our key ingredients are intrinsic to how the products work and I’d love to share with you what I know and why I’ve chosen the ingredients I have.
When I created the ME&MY range I really wanted to support everything Australian and I wasn’t disappointed. A wonderful friend had shared an old book with me that detailed plants the Aboriginals (Indigenous Australians) had used for centuries and their known benefits. The one that stood out for me was Orchid Flower Extract, and what a gorgeous element to add to the products.
Orchid Flower Extract increases condition, moisture and shine. Much like if you touch an orchid flower it’s soft, smooth and delicate yet strong (it can’t be a coincidence that those were all the things we needed to achieve with our hair products). Orchids are highly prized amongst many cultures and have been used for centuries as a hair and skin conditioner and moisturiser. Taken from the flower of the orchid this extract has been known to be used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant and humectant properties moisturise, soothe and condition skin and hair enabling a healthy scalp.
I also discovered Cehami around the same time. This is a plant native to Australia that Indigenous Australians commonly used as sunscreen. This extract protects from UV light with a natural SPF 20. It is the only natural ingredient, that I know of, that is used as a UV filter in hair care products.
Light Illuminators sound gorgeous and that’s because they are. All of our products contain a light shimmer that helps maintain shine. These light illuminators work much like an opal with the ‘play of light’ enhancing the spectrum of colours. It’s all to do with very sciency stuff about how light reflects and moves over certain surfaces but if I put the details here you might very well fall asleep!
I then started to design specific products for specific purposes – the ME&MY treatments. My dream had been to create 2 treatments that worked almost the opposite to each other and we ended up with Power Shot Energising Treatment and Coco Fusion Masque Treatment. Power Shot contains Caffeine and Guarana and whilst we don’t want you drinking it these two ingredients turned out to have naturally low pH’s which meant they were ideal for smoothing and softening hair! And so, to create the opposite of the uplifting effects of Power Shot, Coco Fusion was created with Cacao Bean Extract (yes that means chocolate) and Coconut Oil. Both soothing and smoothing ingredients Cacao and Coconut work together to help repair dry, damaged hair strands by penetrating beyond the hair’s surface, working from the inside out.
These ingredients are the reason we know you will love ME&MY products. You won’t find this combination anywhere else!

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