Our Conscious Environmental Choices This Christmas

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Hair Care

Each year I offer gift sets that come in a re-usable cosmetics/toiletries bag. Why? Because I know re-usable is so much better than single use.

I have done this from the conception of the business, almost 7 years ago. Way back in the beginning the environmental impact of our packaging wasn’t spoken about as much as it is today but my philosophy hasn’t changed. I would prefer to give you value for money and be environmentally friendly – that means re-usable.

Many products these days are packaged in excessive cardboard boxes and wraps that serve no purpose other than to look a bit pretty. Well I’m making a conscious choice to give you pretty and usable!

If you have enough cosmetics bags please gift your bag to someone in need (a friend/family or a charity). The bags are a free item supplied by us and as such cost you nothing, but they will cost the earth if they aren’t re-used.

I encourage you to re-use or re-gift!

On another note I’ve had many enquiries regarding the use of plastic bottles for our products. Unfortunately, at this time I don’t believe there is a better option. Aluminium does not work with all hair products and still relies on being recycled by the end consumer just like with plastic, and glass has it’s own set of issues with Workplace Health & Safety in-salon (and also in your own bathroom at home) as well as that glass also has a larger carbon footprint than plastic due to it’s weight and energy required to make, recycle it and transport it. At this stage there is no benefit to moving away from plastic but I am constantly searching and should I find the answer you can be assured I’ll make the change! I take the safety of my clients very seriously as well as the impact on our environment and have tried to make the best choices possible considering all the facts currently available.

Again, I encourage you to re-use if possible, and if not recycle, and your plastic bottles will be put to good use in items like plastic furniture.

Sara x

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