Preparing your hair for your big day! Top 10 tips for gorgeous wedding hair.

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Hair Care

12 months ahead:

  1. Advise your hairdresser of what your target hair colour is for the day and stick with one hairdresser for the full year to ensure you stay on target for optimum hair condition.
  2. Get hair trimmed regularly, avoid major cuts if you haven’t worked out what style you’ll want on the day. That way you can cut hair later once you’ve made a decision and know how much length you’ll need.
  3. Ensure your diet is beneficial for best hair health (ensure adequate intake of essential fatty acids (omega -3 and omega-6 – found in fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables) and proteins (found in meat and eggs). If you suffer from a flaky scalp that may be due to diet reduce acidic foods (tomatoes, strawberries, lemon, lime etc). If necessary take a vitamin supplement specifically for hair nourishment (which is often beneficial for skin and nails as well – winning!).

6 months ahead:

  1. Discuss your wedding day hair ideas with your hairdresser and create a hair plan ie. How long hair needs to be, when you’ll need colour and cut visits and best products to use to achieve the result.
  2. Ensure you are using professional hair care products and apply a treatment (Coco Fusion Masque Treatment or Power Shot Energy Treatment) at least once a month (follow us on social media for a reminder on the 28th of every month).
  3. Avoid too much time in the sun and/or chlorine/salt water, ensure you apply Angel Magic Moisture DAILY as a heat protector, detangler, uv protection.

3 months ahead:

  1. Increase hair treatments to once a fortnight (weekly if you have had a major colour/life change that is causing extra stress on your hair).
  2. Avoid wet combing and heat styling hair which increases split ends. Use Angel Magic Moisture prior if these are unavoidable.

6 weeks – 1 month ahead:

  1. Ensure you see your hairdresser to get further advice specific to your hair type and what you need to be doing in the next few weeks to ensure your hair is ready for your big day.

During the week before:

  1. Shampoo and condition (a treatment may make it too soft so best to stick with your conditioner) hair 1-2 days ahead of the wedding (depending on how oily your scalp is). Most hairdressers would prefer if your hair isn’t super clean on the day of the style, however it can be worked around if need be. It’s important to have your hair washed BEFORE you see your hairdresser on the day though as shampooing right before styling will take time and make the hair soft and more difficult to work with. Allow hair to dry naturally if possible. Do not straighten your hair after this shampoo as it makes curling or adding texture to the hair more difficult and your style may not last through the entire wedding day.


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