ME&MY, what can I say, it is fantastic!


August 16, 2016

I approached ME&MY when I was working for another company. Sara Freeman is full of knowledge and expertise. ME&MY as a company is so easy to deal with, you get very prompt and professional service.
My clients were not returning to purchase other hair products. I could sell the products, but they did not LOVE them, until I changed over to ME&MY! Now they tell me I need to purchase, they are always asking me about any new product. ME&MY sells itself!
I have a few favourite products….
KISSSS….I can’t get enough and nor can my clients! It is light, not oily in any way. Great when I am doing formal up styling.
BB FOAM….It does it all! So easy to use. Fantastic for everyday and incredibly light, yet strong hold when I layer up for up styling.
COCO FUSION….a masque that is so nourishing. I only need to use it once on my clients and are pulling it off my selves.
ANGEL MAGIC MOISTURE….my daughter who lives interstate will not use anything else. She has very coarse and thick curly hair. Such a great moisturiser.
POWERSHOT….this is great for clients who do not have time to treat their hair, but need the extra boost. So easy to use with fantastic results.
I could go on and on. Use ME&MY once and you will know how good it is.