How to manage oily roots, dry ends

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Hair Care

Feel the need to hide your oily roots constantly?

With an increase in balayage, ombre, root stretch, shadow root etc it’s becoming very common to see oily roots and dry ends. When we chemically treat some sections (the ends) it results in a dryness in those sections and oiliness where it’s not treated (the roots).

It’s difficult to care for hair that’s like this as the ends need extra nourishment and the roots hardly need any! This can be exacerbated by physical activity that results in sweat on the scalp so if you’re an avid gym junkie or regular dog walker and you have this hair type be prepared for oily roots, faster. (Our diet and environment can also affect sebum production so keep that in mind too.)

The best way to manage this hair type is to keep the shampoo you use but go with a mixed conditioner/treatment. Use a light conditioner (such as Extravagance Volumising Conditioner) on the mid-lengths and a nourishing treatment on the ends (such as Coco Fusion Masque Treatment). Or if you have short hair and this isn’t possible then scale back the frequency of your treatment and use just the light conditioner.

Follow this with careful application of products like Angel Magic, when applying start at the ends and work your way up through the mid-lengths. This way you get increased deposit on the dryer ends and less product closer to the roots where it’s not needed in high concentrations.

It’s also worth discussing with your hairdresser as sometimes a few highlights through the top section might just be enough to help create a balance.

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