volumising system: how it works and what you should feel

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Hair Care

Our ME&MY Extravagance Volumising System (Shampoo & Conditioner) are a fabulous team designed to create volume on fine and fine-medium hair types whilst still leaving hair conditioned and soft.

It’s important to understand what you actually want from your hair products. I often hear from people with fine hair that they want to shampoo less but also want their hair to look fuller and thicker.  Many people achieve this currently by using a shampoo with no conditioner (conditioners are often too moisturising or heavy for fine hair). Here’s why that’s not good for your hair; conditioner closes the cuticle (surface of the hair structure). Without getting too technical the reason you want the cuticle of the hair to be closed is that it will look shinier, feel softer and smoother and it will also prevent colour fade by locking colour into the hair strand.  Hair with an open cuticle is open to all sorts of attack from our environment. Hair will be drier and more brittle and will feel and look that way. The result will be more breakage, more split ends and dull hair that lacks shine.

So, my first tip for fine hair (and for any type of hair): use a conditioner or treatment. (Yes, really).

Tip 2 for fine hair: don’t expect miracles from a shampoo & conditioner – there is only so much volumising these products can do. For super volume styling products and a blow dryer are a must.

Ok, so back to our amazing Extravagance System and how it works and how that will feel to touch.  Extravagance Shampoo contains a plumping polymer which plumps from inside the strand but it also encapsulates each and every hair strand to provide the appearance of a fuller head of hair.  Often this can take a little bit of adjustment for someone who has never had the experience of volumised locks before.  The hair will feel different to what you are used to as it really has been ‘expanded’. If you notice this keep with it and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many compliments you’ll get!

The Extravagance System is also a sulfate-free formula so it’s important to note that switching from a sulfate based shampoo to a sulfate-free one can cause a slight flaky scalp for a few weeks until your scalp adjusts to the sulfate-free ingredients. This is perfectly normal and will settle down, typically within 2 weeks.

Important note: be sure to rinse your shampoo thoroughly as not rinsing enough will leave a feeling of a slight build-up on the hair even if you condition/treat afterwards.

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