“Inspired To Dream”

If you have read about the concept behind “me&my” you may be curious as to how I got here. My name is Sara Freeman and I am the creator of “me&my”. I am a Brisbane based Mum of 2 with a passion for creating beautiful products.

Starting on the journey was partly about the dream of owning my own business and being the boss, but most of all it was about creating hair care products with honesty and integrity.

Being raised in a family of 4 women I developed a love of all things girly and my entrance into the hair care scene was purely an act of fate, one that I thank to this very day. I was returning to my home town of Brisbane, after a brief ‘country change’, and applying for any job I could get my hands on. Luckily for me my girly tendencies (and amazing permed hair) won their hearts and I have never looked back. My hair care journey had begun.

After 13 years of working for major multi-national hair care brands I wanted to create a company that personalised the industry. By building a company that has strong ideals surrounding ethics and honesty I believe we can create the foundations for a bigger, brighter and more sustainable future.

A company and products that have my very heart and soul put into them, and so Silky Soul became the brainchild.

A double diploma in Business Management and Workplace Training and Assessment together with a strong customer focus and willingness to build collaborative relationships with suppliers, consumers and hairdressers I believe we can be constantly innovating and creating. Key areas of expertise throughout my career have included marketing, customer service, accounts payable and receivable, brand management, logistics and of course product creation; but my true love is in building the perfect package for all the special people coming into the salon every day. I thrive on it and hope all those around me will be inspired by the enthusiasm, passion and drive to live the dream.