Protein v Moisture

There’s lots of talk about whether hair needs moisture and/or protein and how much of them.  Protein is what makes hair strong, moisture is what makes hair soft, smooth, shiny and supple. The biggest issue I see is when hair has too much added protein (not naturally occurring) as this can make hair brittle and lead to breakage.  After being … Read More

How buying Australian products keeps you in a job

Australian Owned & Made, Australian Made OR Australian Owned? What’s the difference and why it’s vital you make a conscious decision about where you want your money to go. Australian owned and made – this means not only is the company owned in Australia (which means their tax dollars stay here) but the product is also manufactured here, keeping Australians … Read More

7 signs of dry hair and 10 ways to fix it

Signs your hair might be dry; Lacks shine Feels rough Looks swollen/thicker Split ends Colour fades quickly Doesn’t grow (or appears not to grow) Breakage If you’ve noticed ANY of these signs your hair is almost certainly dry and damaged. Identifying why your hair is dry will be the key to solving the problem and it’s most likely a combination … Read More

Itchy Scalp? Could it be a seasonal flare up?

After being in the hair industry for over 20 years I’ve seen it time and time again where an itchy scalp occurs for many people a few times a year, most commonly around the change of the seasons. Why is this? There are a few factors: Water temperature when shampooing Change in outdoor/sporting activities that either change our exposure to … Read More

Hair breakage: common causes and solutions

hair breakage blog

Is your hair snapping/breaking or do you have split ends galore? There are several things that cause hair to break. Some people may even think their hair is actually falling out because it can occur close to the scalp and on a large scale, dependant on the cause. Identifying if it’s falling out at the root or if it’s breaking … Read More

Didn’t quite get the hair you wanted last time you went to the salon?

Going to the salon should be a beautiful experience for everyone involved. The client sitting in the chair should feel welcome and listened to and the stylist/colourist should enjoy providing their client with a finished result that empowers them both! There is definitely an art to communicating from in or behind the salon chair. Too often I hear clients tell … Read More

PARALLEL IMPORTS, KNOCK OFF’S AND CHEAPER RANGES from the same brands – everything the big brands don’t want you to know about your cosmetics, including hair care!!!

I have been in cosmetic manufacturing for 23 years and no matter what you’ve been told this is what I know to be FACT! When the same product from the same brand shows up in different types of retailers (professional, supermarket or pharmacy) it is more than likely it’s the EXACT SAME product! Major manufacturers usually manufacture within the same … Read More

Long hair in 10 easy steps

I often hear women complain their hair doesn’t grow. I’m here to tell you, that unless you have some extreme medical condition your hair most definitely does grow! However, it may be that your hair is breaking off before you get any real length making it appear as if your hair never gets any longer. Here are 10 ways to … Read More

You’re probably shampooing your hair the wrong way!!!

Did you know, you don’t actually need to shampoo your hair? However, it is vital that you clean your scalp! If your scalp is not regularly cleaned, oil builds up leading to an accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Leaving this combination of oil/dirt/bacteria on the delicate skin of your scalp for prolonged periods can cause sores, infection and hair loss. … Read More