Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to your ME&MY stockist OR our product purchasing guidelines.
No, we don’t test any of our products on animals.
In order to use these logo’s we would have to invest a large amount of money and time. We prefer to keep our products affordable and just let you know that we don’t test our products on animals.
Yes. Although please note that some of our shampoo’s do contain other MILD sulfates.
To understand sulfates we recommend you read our Sulfate information sheet.
If you suffer from any allergy we recommend you read the individual product ingredient list EVERY time you purchase (just in case something has changed). Due to our products being manufactured in an environment that also processes products that do contain Wheat we can’t conclusively say our products are safe for use if you have a wheat allergy. We recommend a skin test prior to application of any ME&MY product.
Silky Soul is our original care range that contains MILD sulfates but no Parabens. Free Soul is Free of Sulfates and Parabens and Mojo is our styling range.
While we aim to have natural elements in our formula’s in order to provide a product that has a reasonable shelf life and does not expire too quickly we are unable to offer products that are 100% natural.
Whilst many of our products are possibly ok for Vegans we recommend that you personally check the ingredient list as we don’t develop our products with this specification in mind.
These are known as a QR code, download a QR Code reader to your smartphone or tablet and try scanning one for more information specific to that product.
Yes, some do.
To understand Silicone better we recommend you read our Silicone information sheet.
Yes, you can shampoo your hair daily. No, it’s not bad for it so long as it’s a good quality shampoo that isn’t stripping out too many of the natural oils (you need some oils to help with a healthy scalp & hair growth).
Damage Reversal Cleanser can be used as a body wash or head to toe cleanser whereas all our other Shampoos are for use on hair only.
Power Shot is a liquid and as such the cap is a dropper cap and product distribution can be controlled by either shaking or squeezing the bottle lightly. No product will come out unless the bottle is shaken or squeezed.