Humidity, hair frizz and my guide to getting you through summer with amazing hair!

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Hair Care

The F word that’s banned in my house is FRIZZ! Because let’s face it, living in Queensland (Australia), like I do, it’s inevitable those humid summer days are going to cause me some grief. It’s even worse if you’re a curly girl because our hair naturally just wants to revert to its original state (usually frizz).

Firstly we need to understand why our hair is frizzing which is basically because your hair is absorbing the moisture in the air which resets the bonds inside the hair strand to where it naturally sits, sometimes resulting in uncontrollable chaos!

What’s our plan of attack in the frizz war? It’s about developing a defence strategy, not just a quick and easy fix.

Here is my recommendation for keeping frizz under control:

  1. Use a moisturising shampoo (all of our shampoo’s but Damage Reversal Cleanser is the best)
  2. Use a nourishing treatment (Coco Fusion Masque Treatment)
  3. Use a hair moisturiser DAILY (Angel Magic Moisture)
  4. Use a sealing serum/oil (KISSSS Controlling Gloss)
  5. A styling product with some hold is a good idea (BB Foam)


KISSSS should be used wet and dry on thick, curly hair this gives you a double layer of anti-humectant ingredients to help repel moisture.

Be gentle with your hair after cleansing (use a chamois towel or microfiber towel and gently squeeze dry – do not rub the hair).

Avoid touching your hair during the day as this will just remove any product you’ve applied and allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.

On super humid days don’t fight your hair’s natural tendencies so if you have straight hair leave it straight and if you have curls embrace them because you just won’t win over humidity.

Consider a loose, messy upstyle so that even if hair does frizz it looks like it’s meant to be!

If heat styling take smaller sections to really seal the hair and lock it into place.

Sara x

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