If you could help a mate and fellow Aussie every time you washed your hair, would you?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Hair Care

ME&MY is an Australian owned and made company which means every purchase of a ME&MY product does just that.

Buying Australian owned is great but buying Australian made is even better. Without stating the obvious OWNED & MADE is the trifecta! Well, not a trifecta but whatever the double version of a trifecta is.

So, if you happen to be buying Australian OWNED & MADE you’re onto something special and here’s why;

  1. Australian MADE means your money is helping keep someone in Australia employed and by someone we mean a few million someone’s (potentially).
  2. Australian MADE means quality – Australian manufacturers must abide by strict regulations and controls (you’re not likely to catch hepatitis from aussie berries).
  3. Australian MADE means you’re helping keep national unemployment down and therefore less tax payer dollars are needed for centrelink payments.
  4. Australian MADE means there are staff paying tax that goes towards the national economy.
  5. Australian MADE means if there is something that goes wrong with your product/service it’s easily fixed/replaced.
  6. Australian OWNED means the GST component is usually applicable so the money stays here and helps keep Australia amazing.
  7. Australian OWNED means the company tax stays here too.

Or if you like to see it in terms of statistics the Australian Made Campaign had this to say on their website www.australianmade.com.au,

“Research published by the Industry Capability Network shows that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia, the following effects flow through the economy:

  • $333,900 worth of tax revenue generated
  • $985,000 worth of value-added generated
  • $95,000 worth of welfare benefits saved
  • 10 full-time jobs created

It makes sense to buy things that have been made right here in Australia.”

The supply chain that ME&MY hair care products help support is massive: raw material suppliers, product manufacturers, label suppliers, graphic designers, bottle suppliers, cap suppliers, pump suppliers, printers, couriers, photographers, models, carton suppliers, stationary suppliers, IT personnel, website designers and hosts, phone providers and thousands of hairdressers. (These are just the ones we could think about in the time it took to write this blog).

Here’s cheers to being a legend and supporting Australian, we love you for it!

Sara x

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