Why listening to armchair experts/ doctor google may not be the right way to solve your hair/scalp problems

by | May 20, 2022 | Hair Care

In recent years I’ve seen a massive increase in people asking for advice on social media groups or googling with part of the information and getting an answer that may not be totally right. This leads to people spreading misinformation with a very strong conviction that they’re right! And they truly believe they are!

Just this week I saw someone give some well-meaning advice on protein in hair products and how different proteins work and they had some information correct and some totally wrong!

I’ve been in the hair care industry for 25 years and I’ve worked across many areas of the business and alongside some great mentors who were experts in their field before me so when it comes to hair recommendations I definitely feel very strongly about getting the right recommendation for YOU. This is one of the reasons we have hairdressers as stockists – they know their stuff and they have training with me to learn about ME&MY products and how to recommend them.

I will also happily give you personalised advice if you need it and I may even refer you back to an expert in their field – GP’s, Dermatologists, Trichologists etc if I don’t know the answer (because I don’t know everything 😉).

So, if you have any questions about your hair/scalp concerns please discuss it with your hairdresser and/or us and we’ll definitely aim to guide you to the best solution. If you do choose to listen to advice from social media then ask lots of questions! Query anything that doesn’t seem right.

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