Hair hacks to shampoo less

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Hair Care

  1. Style hair to hide the oily roots.
    • Day 1 – hair down
    • Day 2 – half up
    • Day 3 – ponytail with some loose pieces
    • Day 4 – slick bun
    • Day 5 – wash or slick style again if you think you can handle it
  2. Shampoo 2 or 3 times when you wash.
  3. Change your shampoo, Extravagance Volumising Shampoo is great even if you don’t have fine hair.
  4. Focus conditioner, treatments and any moisturising hair products on the mid-lengths and ends only.
  5. Use a light conditioner/treatment such as Extravagance Volumising Shampoo/Power Shot Energy Treatment and reduce how often you use heavy treatments.
  6. Use Angel Magic Moisture as a conditioner replacement.
  7. Slightly reduce oily foods in your diet (nuts, fish etc).
  8. Reset wash cycle by stretching washes out by a day every few weeks. SOME people have success with nourishing the roots for a week or two with conditioner/treatment/moisture at the roots and then cut back – this enables your body to recognise it doesn’t need to produce as much sebum.
  9. Stop touching your hair. The more you touch the more it will want to create/show the oil.
  10. A fine bristled brush will help distribute the oil down the hair strand.
  11. Time gym day with hair wash day, exercise with hair out and blow dry sweat off afterwards.
  12. Change your pillowcase regularly.
  13. Dry shampoo – this is last on my list because dry shampoo can cause scalp issues and hair loss so treat this one with caution.

Remember – darker roots and fine/low density hair will always look greasier sooner. Bottle blondes can usually shampoo less frequently as the hair is dryer and absorbs the oil before looking greasy.

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