DIY Hot Towel Treatment

Step 1

Shampoo Hair twice with your choice of ME&MY cleanser/shampoo, towel dry hair (skip this step if hair is already clean).

Step 2

Dampen a small towel (one that is ideal for wrapping around your hair), roll it up and microwave for approximately 40 seconds – 1 minute (times may vary). Apply ME&MY Coco Fusion Masque Treatment to hair, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends. Wrap warmed towel around hair.

Step 3

Relax, unwind and allow your hair to immerse itself in the healing benefits of Cacao and Coconut extracts.

Have a bath, light some candles, watch netflix, read a book – do whatever helps you chill out.

Step 4

Rinse Coco Fusion out of hair, massaging your scalp gently as you rinse.

Sara x