Hair loss and/or thinning

by | May 19, 2021 | Hair Care

Are you or someone you know suffering from increased hair loss/thinning? There can be many causes for this, and I highly recommend getting a personalised consultation with a GP or Trichologist for a recommendation regarding treatment for your condition – it’s definitely not a one size fits all!

Having said that there are some things you can do before taking that step that may also help with a diagnosis if you need to see a specialist.

The biggest thing I want to be clear on is that external products are cosmetic, which means they provide a temporary illusion of the condition improving. If you really want to treat hair loss/thinning permanently you need to identify what is going on in your body and the underlying cause for the condition. Here are some common causes and what you can do;

  • Hormones – this will require a medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Medications – speak with your GP about the side-effects you’re experiencing and look at alternatives
  • Diet/nutrition – increase protein and essential fatty acids (google foods with these and you’ll find a whole list of foods that will help with hair health) OR take a hair/skin/nail supplement
  • Stress – this isn’t an easy one to manage but meditation, mindfulness and general self-care will be key to de-stressing
  • External causes creating hair breakage (not hair loss/thinning) – avoid; chemicals, heat styling, tight hair bands, brushing hair when wet, putting hair up when wet
  • Slow growing hair – regular gentle massage of the scalp

And remember, hair grows slowly so implementing these recommendations will take time before you see results. An interim measure can be the cosmetic products mentioned earlier such as our ME&MY Extravagance Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner or styling with BB Foam for increased volume.

NOTE: This list does not cover every possible hair loss/thinning cause and is purely as an indication only of what may be happening and ways to avoid/change a possible cause.

Sara x

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