How buying Australian products keeps you in a job

by | May 19, 2020 | Hair Care

Australian Owned & Made, Australian Made OR Australian Owned? What’s the difference and why it’s vital you make a conscious decision about where you want your money to go.

Australian owned and made – this means not only is the company owned in Australia (which means their tax dollars stay here) but the product is also manufactured here, keeping Australians employed. This means lower unemployment resulting in lower taxes plus more tax dollars into our economy as well as supporting other businesses in the supply chain eg. Couriers, banks, post, food venue’s nearby etc. It also means more people with more money to spend in their local economy.

The ongoing benefits of this business are limitless, if you think about the number of people that benefit – and it’s possible you’re one of those people that is employed thanks to the ongoing cashflow within the Australian economy.

It’s also worth keeping in mind Australia has some of the tightest manufacturing restrictions compared to other countries so you know you’re getting quality and protection when you buy Australian made.

Australian Made – this would be my next priority if I can’t get Australian owned and made as this keeps more money in Australia

Australian Owned – comes in close to Australian made as ultimately this still requires staff on the ground in Australia and the company tax goes back into our economy.

Here are some clarifications on Australian statements and what they actually mean and also a few ways some companies make you believe you’re buying Australian when in fact you aren’t!

  • Made in Australia – the end product must be created here (this does not mean the entire product was made here, it can be a few ingredients added to an existing base and excludes packaging).
  • Australian Owned – the ownership of the company is based in Australia and goods can be manufactured anywhere.
  • Australian developed – the concept/idea began in Australia but this can range from the most basic of ‘I have an idea’ to ‘Here’s the formula, artwork, packaging etc please manufacture it for me’.
  • Australian created – this one may or may not mean made. If it’s handmade I would say most likely means handmade in Australia from possibly non-australian parts/ingredients otherwise it may just mean that the concept was created in Australia.
  • 100% Aussie – this statement doesn’t mean much without clarification. 100% aussie what?
  • Australian ingredients – this does not mean all ingredients are Australian, just that at least 1 is. (Note – with cosmetics it’s extremely common to have ingredient sources change frequently so it would be very unlikely any company could claim 100% Australian all of the time). It also does not mean it’s made in Australia or Australian owned. So, a product with as little as 1 Australian sourced ingredient can make this statement.
  • Australian logo’s/symbols –icons that represent Australia can be used to lead you to think it’s Australian owned and made (boomerang, southern cross, map of Australia etc). There are no laws or restrictions on what companies put on their labels in regards to design/symbols like this so be sure to read the fine-print because as long as they are being truthful in the text it’s ok for them to do it!
  • Distributed in Australia by – this usually means it’s imported by a company that then re-sells the goods. This company may be Australian owned but this statement alone does not mean it is.

We know it’s not always possible to buy Australian, but when you do IT MATTERS! So, thank you!

Sara x

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