Protein v Moisture

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Hair Care

There’s lots of talk about whether hair needs moisture and/or protein and how much of them.  Protein is what makes hair strong, moisture is what makes hair soft, smooth, shiny and supple.

The biggest issue I see is when hair has too much added protein (not naturally occurring) as this can make hair brittle and lead to breakage.  After being in the hair industry for over 20 years I’m yet to see any major concerns from too much moisture (can make hair oily) whereas protein is a big culprit in hair issues.

Hair is 95% protein so you could be forgiven for thinking protein is the answer to every hair problem you’ve ever had when in fact the truth is that if you get enough protein in your diet and are pretty nice to your hair (ie don’t go crazy with doing things that highly damage the core of your hair strand) you don’t need any extra protein at all.

The first step should always be moisture as this can often reverse some of the side effects of damage to your hair and lead to long term healthier hair and if this doesn’t work then protein should be recommended.

ME&MY products are predominantly moisture based in order to avoid any issues around protein overdose, a few have very small amounts of protein in order to assist the products in doing the job they’re designed to do but not enough that you will have any issues with overdosing.

Sara x

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